Who we Are

Sara Barron

Sara is an accredited Baptist minister currently working as an Anglican pioneer in an area of deprivation. Sara is also development worker for CURBS, which resources, trains and supports children’s workers in urban and estate areas. Sara is married to Barney, also a Baptist minister, and they have four children.

Barney Barron

Barney is an accredited evangelist with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, currently spending half his time as an Anglican pioneer. He is the initiator and executive trustee of Communitas, a youth and community charity. He is also a founding trustee for the Incarnate Network and Urban Expression’s Regional Coordinator for the South Coast. Barney is married to Sara and they have four children. He enjoys walking, swimming and kayaking. He likes to relax with a good book, great food or a bottle of wine with friends.

Gemma Dunning

Gemma hails from Bournemouth Beach but more recently can be found loitering with intent in London. Mainly, Gemma pastors a local ecumenical partnership who are deeply committed to radical inclusion, ecology and social action. On the side, she’s involved in supporting a number of different organisations who work on issues of injustice and inclusion. She is a cupcake anarchist who loves the colour red, drinks lots of tea and is often described as 'interesting' aka a bit of a nuisance.

Simon Hall

Simon is a compulsive starter-upper. He has started churches, social action projects, an art centre and even an HE college. Just don't ask him to start your car... He lives in Leeds where he and his family are part of Chapel A Baptist Church and revive, a network of small groups.

Rob Schellert

With an interest in discovering Jesus at work in subcultures, Rob has been involved and helped start a number of alternative punk/metal/arts church communities over the years. Currently he is part of Urban Expression and walking alongside London's radical anarchist and squatter communities. He is also the author of the book, Without Borders – Journeying with Jesus into the Margins. Rob's experiences and passion for the forgotten, the marginalised and those who have given up on church has resulted in a unique perspective to share with both those inside the church and those whose experiences have kept them far from a church threshold.

Carmel Murphy

Carmel is a craft maker, cake baker and co-creator, who has a weak spot for words and an huge appreciation of aesthetics. She lives in Stoke-on-Trent where she co-leads an Urban Expression team and works as a Community Organiser. She’s also a regional development worker for Urban Expression, working in partnership with the Yorkshire Baptist Association to research and develop church planting opportunities within Bradford.